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Vancouver Recording Studio


I would love to create something beautiful with you! 

- Top level vocal coaching

- Song workshopping/crafting

- Recording/production

- Mixing/Mastering

- Multi instrumentalist


There are more opportunities than ever, for emerging artists to get government funding for creative projects. 

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Hi, I'm Scotty. When I'm not performing or touring I spend a lot of time in my humble studio, which I've affectionately named Gastown Sound, located in Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood. From this cozy space, I create original recordings and work with many different music artists, vocalists, songwriters and producers. I have more than twenty years of experience performing internationally, recording and teaching. I have a bachelor degree in Jazz, and have recently been accepted to a Master's Degree in music education at UBC. 

"Scott is an excellent voice teacher! I loved the way he got the best out of my voice, and pushed me out of my comfort zone in order to try new approaches, and break old habits, and discover new parts of my voice I didn't know I had!"  - Mitchell (Music Director)

In recent years, I've expanded my skillset to include professional mixing, vocal coaching and production, remote drum tracking, song arranging and editing, all done with a very efficient workflow. I have garnered notable accolades in multiple genres including Blues (Juno Award Nominee), R n'B (signed to RocNation as a ghostwriter for pop star Rihanna), Roots and Folk (Multiple Western Canadian Music awards), and Hip Hop (writing for Polaris Prize short list group w/ Sargeant and Comrade).  

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