I hope everyone is keeping warm, well and reflective amidst this all of the Covoid-19 hysteria. Strange days indeed. Duncan, Ladysmith and Cumberland have been cancelled until after an undetermined period of social distancing. For artists, postponed live events (income) is a tuff pill to swallow, but we are undeniably in a time of crisis. Let love be the only rule.

I'm incredibly fortunate to self quarantined in my very favourite place, in a cabin along the Koksilah river. The next few weeks will be full of recording arts and crafts, as Winnipeg's Jess Ray Ayre and myself begin recording this week. I'm really thrilled to finally be collaborating and getting to know her more. She is a fantastic voice and wonderful songwriter.

We did a first of many live mini concerts on facebook recently and will be having some more campfire picking sessions in the coming days and weeks. Thinking it would be amazing to play in support of organizations like the Mustard Seed, in order to support low income families and elderly community members in need of financial support.

Stay tuned for update on shows and new albums from @jessraeayre and myself @scottyrollinghills. Give us a follow...don't be socially distant online. #socialdistance #vancouverisland #koksilahriver #shawninganlake #campfireconcert