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Scotty Hills's debut scores with an earthy sophistication that's a throwback to an era decades ago, when real musicianship, melodies and lyrics dominated the AM. To say that his recording sounds dated couldn't be further from the truth, however, as his inspired concoction of blue-eyed soul, country twang and straight-up guitar pop manages to be timeless and quite contemporary at the same time.

FFWD Magazine

It brims over with a funky, breezy, soulful charisma, and finds Scotty very impressively handling most of the instruments (and songwriting) himself. Most strikingly, though, it's the voice! Names like Sam Cooke, Ron Sexsmith, Stevie Wonder, Junior Parker, or even Feist may come to mind occasionally, but Scotty remains effortlessly original throughout.

CKUA Radio

His is a sponge-like approach: The Saskatoon native sails effortlessly between jazz, folk, country and blues. But soul music is the best description of what he does

Times Columnist

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