I have a lot of experience and a burning passion for singing, production, and music education. I'm a Juno Award nominated writer, drummer, vocalist, and producer. I have a small studio and love making records in weird places. I am on a never ending search for soulful sounds and soulful people to make them with. 

I come from a musically visceral upbringing. I started tagging along to record sessions with my mom at 4 years old, getting hired to yell into a microphone for products from sunflower seeds to window blinds. I learned songwriting from my dad, who's 1981 album "No Fool Like an Old Fool" is still my favourite of all time. I learned from my granddad, who showed my how to whistle and yodel, and play guitar. My other granddad was a bandleader in the second world war. Music was all around, and it was all learned by ear. 

However, I always wanted to confront the fear of piano and music theory I had growing up. Having a love for mentoring and great respect for jazz, I decided to work toward a degree in music, and another in education. I love the opportunities I get to take the fear and anxiety out of theory, vocals, drums, guitar, writing and production. I've learned some great things in University (Vancouver Island University), and am excited to share my knowledge and experience with others. Through it all I realize that it's just music, and the sound of my granddads whistling remains the inspiration for music path. 

Feel free to reach out, if you'd like to know more about how I can help you make better music. 

*Full list of production/writing/performing credits available upon request